At Noosa Artisan we really take great care and pride to have your ring fit you like a glove.

Most of our Eumundi Market / Woodford Folk Festival and Tamworth Country Music customers will know this from experiencing Lorenzo’s passion to make your ring fit just perfectly. That is also why, we are asking you to take the time to follow the guide below and read the tips on sizing to ensure you give us the correct measurements.

Wrap a strip of paper about 10mm wide and 120mm long around the desired finger, ensuring that you leave enough room to slide the ring over your knuckle. Mark the spot where the paper strip meets and use a ruler to measure the length in millimeters (mm). This is the circumference of your finger.


If you order more items with different sizes, please write the different sizes in the notes field at checkout.

Noosa Artisan ring sizes

Tips on sizing to fit just right for you

Body temperature and climate play a part. If you can measure your finger when you feel your body temperature is at room temp (maybe best not after a walk or morning jog when fingers will be slightly swollen). Generally living in the southern States of Australia you will have less possibility of swelling than if you live in the Northern States. Please take this into consideration, if you are away from your normal residency.

Try the right hand left hand rule. Usually fingers and knuckles will be slightly larger on one hand, your working or writing hand. So take this into consideration along with your climate when measuring.

A guide to a great bracelet fit

We want to ensure that the bracelet you order fits just perfectly on your wrist. Please follow the guidelines and tips below and place your bracelet size in mm in the sizing box when ordering.

– Cut a piece of paper 15mm wide and 300mm long.
– Place the paper around your wrist in the area you would normally wear a bracelet.
– Hold the paper snug where it joins and slip two fingers side by side each other in between the paper strip and your wrist.
– Mark the paper and measure the size in mm, add this in the sizing box.

Please remember: If you order more items with different sizes, please write the different sizes in the notes field at checkout.