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Do you need some inspiration?

… in giving a gift with meaning this year? Keep reading!

For at least a decade now our Family Christmas theme of giving gifts has been to re-use, re-purpose or up-cycle. There is so much fun in this, and we sometimes find ourselves learning a new skill along the way.

Do you like the idea of re-using for gifts this year? This is where we can help……

Before I give you some cool ideas, please take time to make a list of all the people you wish to give a gift to this Year!!

Next…sit … and visualise each person…and feel the JOY the person gets from receiving a gift they LOVE from you. As the next few days pass pay attention to things around you.

Maybe you are at the local op-shop and see something that you know a person on your list will LOVE, or you see a piece of furniture on buy/swap/sell and you know you could spruce it up and your sister will LOVE it!!

Maybe a friend calls you and asks you to go to the Eumundi markets for a day trip (do you know that there are so many amazing stalls and shops offering high quality handmade products at the Eumundi Markets?).

Check out Cutlery Creations the man who has been creating Australian animals and insects from silverware for almost 30years. A master in his craft bringing real life into re-using materials. Cutlery Creations extensive range is a gift that has real value and I hear time and time again from customers that “it was the best gift they received”. Noosa Artisan is proud stockist of this amazing range.





  • Maybe you have an old coin from your grandfathers collection? You could have this made into a up-cycled coin bracelet for your mum as a gift from you and her father.
  • Perhaps you have a few of Nan’s antique silver spoons in your drawer? Bring them in or send a photo to our email address and we will tell you what you can have made from them. Maybe you can share pieces with your sisters, nieces and daughters, so you all get to have something to wear and a keepsake from your nan.

Apart from these few ideas that we can help you with at Noosa Artisan, we also stock a huge range of up-cycled products, including Bullet products, bags from Denim, up-cycled fabric pendants, tyre belts and cuffs and our extensive range of jewellery and homeware made from silverware cutlery. Call in to see us, we are so happy to help you find that unique present.



The “Make your own Spoon Ring” workshops were really enjoyable. Here’s what people said;

  • – “Lorenzo taught us traditional methods to make our silver spoon ring, also how to use a dremel to sand and polish if we wished.” @phunkyhandmade
  • – “Workshop was great and hopefully down the track I can get together some tools needed to make more” @fibreandclaybylyn
  • – “I highly recommend this workshop . Great morning had by all” @babyliciosvintageinspired
  • – “wow, what an awesome workshop today…so excited to try myself, have already bought myself a dremel on the way home. So inspired, thank you.” @angelasphotos11

To enquire about workshops for 2019 Please email info@noosaartisan.com.au .



  • WOODFORD Folk Festival, 27th December 2018- 1st January 2019. Noosa Artisan’s 8th consecutive year at Woodford and is something our whole family likes to be part of. If you would like a little taste of what Woodford is like , watch this clip..   https://vimeo.com/238156698 and if you like this video please share.
  • TAMWORTH COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL, 18th January- 27th Yes that’s right 10 day Music festival. Noosa Artisan’s 6th consecutive year and our customers keep asking us back. Check out this clip from Tamworth.



Angela and Lorenzo


Chances are if you are reading this, you are interested in the movement of

Reusing, Recycling, Upcycling, Reducing.

Or perhaps you are a lover of high quality handmade jewellery. Noosa Artisan has some great things happening around all of this. However, firstly:

The initiative we are all experiencing is awareness, of ourselves , each other and our beautiful regions. The latest global awareness is plastic and its harm on our environment regarding its slow decomposition rate. With debates and opinions on the plastic bag ban now make everyone aware, and people focusing their attention on it, the movement on plastic and reducing is emphasised.

Nowadays, the youth are inspired around slow fashion and reusing materials and schools are contributing with environmental subjects and projects. Many people have put effort into this for decades, and now it’s exciting and a blessing to be a part of this greater awareness.

Many of Noosa Artisan’s seeds, which we have planted are showing through now. Our shop at the Eumundi Square is stockists of local and interstate artisans who share with us the philosophy of reusing products to hand make them into high quality unique pieces.

This year alone we have taken on several new product ranges. They include upcycled bullet products, textile fabric pieces with a unique twist, a range of products from reused denim jeans and bicycle tyres. We will soon stock our online shop with some of these products and a range of silverware earrings.

We have a

“Make Your Own Spoon Ring” Workshop

happening in the under-covered courtyard at the Eumundi Square Shop on Friday 31st August. This is the first time Lorenzo has held this hands-on workshop outside of festivals, so we are very excited about this. This will be a fun four hour workshop held with Lorenzo in a relaxed environment.

Please follow our Noosa Artisan Facebook page for updates on this. It will be a small group so if you have an expression of interest, you are welcome to contact us and get your name on the list now. You may wish to bring your own treasured silver spoon in and turn it into something special you can wear. There will also be a range of vintage spoons on the day to select from.

We are excited to showcase our work at this year’s QLD Garden Expo at the Nambour Showgrounds on 13th July. The following weekend we take our stock on the road to once again join the Boonah World Environment Day. Lorenzo who creates some amazing pieces from silverware cutlery will be at both events customising to fit and suit your individual style. He has been working on new collections the first half of this year, which will be launched at the Expo. Our shop and stall and the original Eumundi Market will be operating as usual.

Recap and dates:

  • – QLD Garden expo; 13,14 & 15th July , Nambour Showgrounds 4560
  • – Boonah World Environment Expo, 21st July. The Outlook, Boonah 4310
  • – Make your own Spoon Ring Workshop. 31st August, Eumundi Square 4562

We look forward to seeing you there. Till then!



Give a gift!

Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Anniversaries, Valentines Day….there are many opportunities to show your appreciation and give a gift to your loved ones. But it isn’t always easy to give them something that they love, and appreciate, is it? How often does it happen that gifts we thought they love ended up in the cupboard never to be taken out or used ever again…

Gift vouchers are a perfect way of giving something of value and you can be certain that they can choose what THEY truly love.

We are now also offering gift vouchers and they can be used for any purchases at our shops in Eumundi. We are not set up to provide online vouchers, however, we can make it possible if the person you are giving the voucher to is a subscribed user. In that case please write us an email and we organise it for your loved one to pick her/his gift in our online shop by refunding her/his purchases after you paid the chosen amount to our PayPal account.

We don’t want you to miss out on a great gift idea and want to make sure that this is possible for you.

We are looking forward to serving you in any way we can.

Best wishes

Thank you for your inspiration!

Isn’t it true that we all look for inspiration? And today it is available to each of us almost everywhere. After reflecting on our past few busy (crazy busy) months , Lorenzo and I had a realisation of why we do what we do.
Being avid upcyclers for decades, coming from a “why over-consume” “re-use what you have” kind of way. Lorenzo now finds himself buried in years sometimes centuries of old silverware feeling past memories of these utensils – excitement, joy and dreams of what will become. Add artistic to the equation. And as we both come from “Hair Artists” (that’s what I call Hairdresser’s) background, then something magical must happen.

Now here is where the realisation part comes in: it is about YOU! Our customers, the many people we meet at the markets, the festivals, even through our online shop or social media websites. YOU are who inspire us and make us want to do it all the more, even better and more magical.

So a really BIG thank you from both of us for continuing to support us, Thank you for purchasing and re-purchasing from us. Thank you for your stories, your kind words, your INSPIRATION. You are part of Noosa Artisan with us.

Feeling our way into 2018 with some fresh ideas in our upcycling world. I trust you will see some treasures that you may just fall in love with.
Until next time, many blessings …

Angela and Lorenzo

Music Festivals

The beginning of summer is such a high energy time here in Noosa. School holidays, Christmas, celebrations and gatherings.

We are rolling with it at Noosa Artisan with our Eumundi Market days lively and busy, our creativity is at it’s peak gearing up for the Woodford Folk Festival and The Tamworth Country Music Festival. Our online shop opening has added to this excitement and we are anticipating a fun and busy time ahead.

I think when you can add diversity into your life especially when it has a purpose you can be physically tired, but emotionally balanced, it makes a team of happy campers.

We love that we are seeing so many creative ideas for Christmas, people are aware of our planet and making conscious choices to align with that feeling.

Lorenzo has a great repertoire of new pieces this season. We look forward to seeing you at one of the events, Eumundi Markets or at our new online shop.

Blessings and Best wishes to all.