Isn’t it true that we all look for inspiration? And today it is available to each of us almost everywhere. After reflecting on our past few busy (crazy busy) months , Lorenzo and I had a realisation of why we do what we do.
Being avid upcyclers for decades, coming from a “why over-consume” “re-use what you have” kind of way. Lorenzo now finds himself buried in years sometimes centuries of old silverware feeling past memories of these utensils – excitement, joy and dreams of what will become. Add artistic to the equation. And as we both come from “Hair Artists” (that’s what I call Hairdresser’s) background, then something magical must happen.

Now here is where the realisation part comes in: it is about YOU! Our customers, the many people we meet at the markets, the festivals, even through our online shop or social media websites. YOU are who inspire us and make us want to do it all the more, even better and more magical.

So a really BIG thank you from both of us for continuing to support us, Thank you for purchasing and re-purchasing from us. Thank you for your stories, your kind words, your INSPIRATION. You are part of Noosa Artisan with us.

Feeling our way into 2018 with some fresh ideas in our upcycling world. I trust you will see some treasures that you may just fall in love with.
Until next time, many blessings …

Angela and Lorenzo